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I was born in Switzerland, and spent all my childhood in France, next to the mountains and a bunch of cows (yeah, almost like Heidi). Then I moved to Madrid for eight years, and now I’m back to my roots and settled in Geneva. Since very young, I was passionate about photography and cinema, so I decided to study both, which gave me wings to create and do what I do today.

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Well, sometimes it’s better to let others speak:

"Lauriane is feeling and emotion. She has an incredible potential to connect with every human being. She is easy to deal with, easy to become part of the lives of others without even realizing it. Her sensitivity is not something that can go unnoticed, it allows her to reach the last corner of a heart. Thanks to that, she can easily connect and tell the story from the purest emotion."

What else can I say about me?

I’m the oldest of three, and my little brother is 30 years younger than me. I have a bunch of tattoos, but not easily seen. I found a new passion knitting scarves (for now, I’m starting), and I get relaxed when I paint abstract stuff listening good music on vinyls. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and funny socks! I have a crazy cat named Nala (honoring my favorite Disney of all time), and I always have fresh flowers on my kitchen table. My best morning routine is drinking a good coffee. Finally, I’m obsessed with the number 9, and I’m an Aquarius.

How can I describe myself in a few words?


Kind Words From my Couples




“Everything was so perfect! The place, the music, your generosity, the way you guided us and the result of the photos which is breathtaking! Your ability to bring out our emotions through your photos is what blew us away the most. Thank you for putting us so AT EASE, we felt like we were sharing these moments with a friend! Thank you for immortalizing with so much sensitivity, generosity and sweetness these moments of our lives. It's a priceless memory that will be treasured forever.”

Valentina & André

“Lauriane captured our day with its many magical moments PERFECTLY! We won't be able to relive our day but looking back through her pictures from our wedding fills us with the joy, happiness, summer warmth, and all the wonderful memories that we had on that day with our friends and family. For that we are forever thankful!”


“Words are not enough to describe this wonderful encounter we had with Lauriane for our wedding. Despite somewhat complicated pandemic conditions, she was able to make our wedding a unique memory. Watching our photos, these highlights of our union, has no equal today. We loved the aesthetic quality through her eyes. Lauriane was able to be discreetly on all fronts, capturing the smiles, the surprises, the last minute stresses, in one word: everything. Behind the photographer there is a person keen on curiosity who seeks to know you, your authenticity, in order to finally be able to transcribe it by stopping the time.”


“We wish every photographer was like Lauriane! She hiked an hour with us to our photoshoot location, which gave us time to bond. Lauriane is extremely kind and welcoming. We feel like she really wanted to get to know us to be able to capture our love authentically. She listened to our ideas as well as providing input based on her expertise. We felt very comfortable during the pictures as she guided us and played some of our favorite songs. We have gotten many compliments on our pictures, saying that it looks like a fairy tale. We’ve truly never seen any other work like hers, and will definitely reach out to her if we ever find ourselves in Switzerland again for photos.”

Ana & Kenyon

“We knew Lauriane through friends, at their wedding. What a happy meeting! It was immediately obvious!!! A beautiful relationship of friendship and trust began. Her discretion, her presence to put us at ease, her professionalism and her availability moved us a lot. As soon as we opened our gallery, we were amazed by the beauty of our photos. We have received nothing but praise for her work! We absolutely do not regret putting our trust in her, and we recommend her with our eyes closed!! Again, a big thank you Lauriane for making us feel unique and beautiful on this important day. Today, we still get emotional when we look at your photos.”


“Dear Lauriane, we would like to thank you once again for your amazing work on our wedding day. Not only did we get absolutely magical shots and impressions, but you participated in that special moment, on that special day! You were a photographer, a helping hand and especially a friend to us, to our people and for sure to Noah (our son) who cherished you soooo much! You did a perfect job for our perfect moment! Thank you so much and sending so much love to you and your work.” 


“Lau is the best photographer I have worked with. She is just magic. She has managed to capture us in the most beautiful way, all our pictures even without the edits look like a dream. We are from India and were traveling to Swiss, as soon as I saw Lau’s work I knew I wanted her to capture our pre-wedding pictures. Right from the beginning, she made me feel comfortable and confident. I was going to do a proposal, she helped me execute it to the T! This is a memory that will be etched in our minds and souls forever! And I am so glad that Lau was a part of it! She has great things ahead oh her!”


“Our experience with Lauri was wonderful, we did not regret for a second having come across her work and all her magic. From minute one she took charge of everything, even our emotions, and with that she stole our hearts. Obviously, her work speaks for itself, but her presence and company is the icing on the cake. Lauri is art, and now our memories are too.” 

Sophia & Alexis

“If there was one thing we were sure of, it was who we wanted as a photographer: Lauriane. Her photos were so beautiful, each with a little something special: a touch of originality and above all the joy felt in her pictures! Thank you very much for your work Lauriane and the quality of your photos. You not only succeeded in immortalizing the perfection of this day, but you contributed to it!”


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