In the world we live in, I believe it is so complicated to find someone who understands who we are and what we want. And despite everything, you found each other. To me, there is nothing more powerful as real love. I feel so lucky to be able to capture what couples like you are building together.
I want to give you the most wonderful experience. You want to go hiking? I’ll go with you! You prefer staying home? Let’s do an intimate and cozy love session. Everything you imagine can be done.

Why I can’t wait to tell your story


you are here because you have found the one you love


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Wedding photography is a huge part of your day, but also videography. I understand that having a videographer for your wedding means a whole new budget, but don’t worry, because I can do both for much less! I can take your wedding pictures and do a short video (1-2 minutes), if I have a second photographer with me. Check my full price list or ask me if you want to know more.



Let’s have some quality time enjoying a moment of family re-connection. Let’s take the first pictures of your child when he/she is still in your belly, or his/her first steps. Let’s remember the laughs and hugs between you. We can do it with a one-time photoshoot, or we can also plan a long-term thing so I can follow the growing of your family. Anything is possible!



Other things I can do for you

Life is made of small moments shared with great people, and if there is something that cannot be taken from us, it is our memories. These are the moments that get into your heart, those that you remember with a smile, with tenderness and emotion. These are memories you will cherish forever, let’s start this beautiful adventure together!



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