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Welcome to my world! My name is Lauriane (pronounced “lor-ian”), I’m a wedding photographer and videographer based in Switzerland, and travelling Europe. Always looking for the most absolute naturalness, I see myself as a little butterfly chasing emotions without interrupting laughers and tears. But I also try to be present everywhere to make sure I capture the unique moments, being part of your day.

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“Everything was so perfect! The place, the music, your generosity, the way you guided us and the result of the photos which is breathtaking! Your ability to bring out
our emotions through your photos is what blew us away the most. Thank you for putting us so AT EASE, we felt like we were sharing these moments with a friend! Thank you for immortalizing with so much sensitivity, generosity and sweetness these
moments of our lives. It's a priceless memory that will be treasured forever.”

Valentina & André

“We knew Lauriane through friends, at their wedding. What a happy meeting! It was immediately obvious!!! A beautiful relationship of friendship and trust began. Her discretion, her presence to put us at ease, her professionalism and her availability moved us a lot. As soon as we opened our gallery, we were amazed by the beauty of our photos. We have received nothing but praise for her work! We absolutely do not regret putting our trust in her, and we recommend her with our eyes closed!! Again, a big thank you Lauriane, for making us feel unique and beautiful on this important day. Today, we still get emotional when we look at your photos.”

Inés & Arnaud

“If there was one thing we were sure of, it was who we wanted as a photographer: Lauriane. Her photos were so beautiful, each with a little something special: a touch of originality and above all the joy felt in her pictures! Thank you very much for your work
Lauriane and the quality of your photos. You not only succeeded in immortalizing the perfection of this day, but you contributed to it!”

Laure & Lucas

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Your love story in motion

The movement of your hair in the wind. The sound of your grandma’s laugh. The piece of music your best friend plays. The tear of joy running down your dad’s cheek. All of these things a still picture can’t explain, a video can. Let me create a motion picture of your love story.

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I fiercely believe in human connection, in sharing emotions and experiences, and in this big little thing called love. Here’s what makes my heart beat the hardest.




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