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Step into the luxurious world of Amanda and Tyler’s Andalusian wedding, beautifully captured by our photographer amidst the breathtaking Casa de los Bates in Granada. Every detail, from Galia Lahav gowns to exquisite floral arrangements, exudes timeless elegance and pure love.

A luxury wedding in Andalusia

Experience Sophia and Alexis’s Madrid wedding at Quinta Hayara, captured by our photographer. From a handmade dress to vibrant florals, every moment exudes beauty, love, and cherished memories.

Wedding in Quinta Hayara

Journey to Geneva’s Domaine de Choully for Elise and Pierre’s romantic wedding. Witness heartfelt vows, laughter, and stunning details, all beautifully captured by our photographer amidst vineyard views.

Wedding in Domaine de Choully

Relive Hélène and Arthur’s France wedding at La Médicée. From a traditional Catholic ceremony to joyous celebrations, our photographer preserves every moment of love, laughter, and cherished memories.

Wedding in La Médicée

The wedding of Laura and Xavier Today, I want to share with you a truly special wedding that took place in a beautiful French castle in Bourgogne. The wedding of Laura and Xavier was held in the stunning Château de Bresse-sur-Grosne. One of the most remarkable aspects of this wedding was Laura’s exquisite lace wedding […]

Wedding in the Château de Bresse-sur-Grosne

The wedding of Noemi and Lukas Welcome to today’s blog post, where we dive into the heartwarming wedding of Noemi and Lukas. They chose to have a Catholic ceremony at a picturesque church, surrounded by their loved ones. The magic started even before the ceremony, as Lukas and his friends prepared for the big day […]

Wedding in the Château d’Echenevex

The elopement of Annabel and Nelson Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland is a magical place, perfect for an intimate elopement. Annabel and Nelson, a lovely couple from Singapore, chose to exchange their vows in this breathtaking location. Lauterbrunnen is famous for inspiring J.R.R. Tolkien’s Rivendell in “The Lord of the Rings.” It’s not hard to see why […]

Elopement in Lauterbrunnen

The wedding of Laura and Philippe I remember the day perfectly – the sun was beaming down on the picturesque island of Santorini, where Laura and Philippe were about to tie the knot. As a wedding photographer, I had been given the incredible opportunity to capture their special day, and I couldn’t have been more […]

Destination wedding in Venetsanos Winery in Santorini